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The Official ChiFiBots Whitepaper
You've crash-landed into the year 2080 where humans are extinct and Chibi Fighting Robots (ChiFiBots) now inhabit planets across the universe. Can you help the ChiFiBots find their precious life source, the "Fusion Crystals" and prevent another universal extinction?
ChiFiBots Trailer

ChiFiBots: Trading Card Game

The ChiFiBots: Trading Card Game - will be the debut game released in a plethora of games in the ChiFiBots series. In this 6 vs 6 robot battling Play and Earn game premiering in 2022, fight with players all around the world and earn rewards with your NFT’s!
ChiFiBots takes inspiration from: Pokemon, Yu-Gi Oh, and the anime world.


NFT Studios are blockchain experts with 4 years of enjoying Play to Earn games and want to create a gaming juggernaut by rewarding players and investors with cryptocurrency and NFT’s that are scarce and appreciate in value over time.
A lot of time and care was put into the ChiFiBots whitepaper so we hope you share a glimpse of our vision. - NFT Studios Team
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